Skolkovo Robotics. Robots & AI. Discussion at the international level

A bright forum on robotics and artificial intelligence was organized by SKOLKOVO innovation center with the support of Sberbank of Russia, MTS, Yandex Taxi, WEST Group and Ronavi Robotics on its territory. The forum was distinguished by an extremely rich program, world-renowned experts, leading Russian and foreign companies, promising startups, the opportunity to discuss with Federal officials.
17 april 2019

SKOLKOVO ROBOTICS. Robots & AI, can be positioned in first robotics as a key event in Eastern Europe, swung to a much more loud status. There were 5000 participants, 80 sessions, including plenary sessions, presentations, discussion platforms, a fairly large exhibition alley, which exhibited not models, but actually functioning products. Each presentation presented at the international roboforum is worthy of a separate publication and detailed analysis. In hot pursuit, we will highlight the brightest moments of SKOLKOVO ROBOTICS.

Among the foreign speakers, the Director Medical Microrobot John-Oh Park and the Director of the CINI National Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems (Lab AIIS) in Italy, Rita Cucchiara made the strongest impression. The topic of analytics of human behavior for building the subsequent interaction of human – robot, interested many, the speech of the Italian speaker attracted a capacity crowd. However, according to the degree of importance for humans and mankind - medical micro-robotics is a more breakthrough phenomenon. In John-O Park`s presentation, he showed a video with micro robots, something resembling insect larvae. Despite some unattractiveness, these little ones are able to do big things. Unlike the capsule endoscopy, for example, the micro robot examines the patient's intestines up and down.

The plenary discussion "Robots: Down by law" turned out to be interesting. A researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute, Frank Schneider, Professor at the University of Illinois, Naira Hovakimyan, Gordon Cheng Director of the Institute for Cognitive Systems in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Munich (TUM), honored Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Mel Siegel and head of the robotics Laboratory of Sberbank of Russia Albert Efimov argued about why people are always trying to drive robots into the law, and whether the average person will not be lost in connection with the further development of robotics and innovative technologies in General. As it turned out, experts are more afraid that not a person will be lost, but a robot and robotics. Rather, it will not be lost, but will cease to develop due to the fact that too little attention is paid to fundamental research today. And without them, any innovative development is only a beautiful toy.

Former Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and now co-Chairman of the SKOLKOVO Foundation Arkady Dvorkovich dispelled fears about the future of humanity. According to his words, further innovations on the contrary will contribute to the emergence of new, interesting and high-paying jobs.

"ExoAtlant" from the company "ExoAtlet" was to some extent a revelation to the masses, although among the residents and the leadership of the Innovation center "SKOLKOVO" Russian industrial exoskeleton is one step away from large-scale production.

As part of the discussion of the SKOLKOVO Foundation IT- cluster "Ways to develop disruptive Russian robotic companies. Dynamics, investments, infrastructure" discussed issues of industry support, search for investors, promising areas in the industry, real cases and the current state of Russian companies. The moderator of the debate was the Head of "Robotics and artificial intelligence" IT- cluster of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, Pavel Krivozubov.

The presentation of Promobot Company turned into a real show. The latest models of service robots Promobot sang and danced on the main stage of the forum. However, Perm robot builders have grounds for such a festive performance. Promobot is actively developing not only within the Russian market, but it has become an international brand. However, their developments in the field of AI, the founders of the company are kept in strict secrecy.