ELEMATIC introduced a new solution in automation

The company Elematic, announced the launch of an automatic modifier E9, designed to create multi-cavity plates. This product is used to make holes, recesses and drill holes in freshly produced concrete slabs right on the production line. According to the company, the new machine can guarantee accurate, fast and flexible marking, as well as a reduction in the consumption of concrete in precast enterprises. The E9-1200m modifier can also be used for marking texts, cutting lines and holes. When working with this product, automatic mode is provided by default, but there are options in the form of semi-automatic and manual modes.
3 july 2019

The new product of the company Elematic is characterized by highly efficient processing of concrete. When making holes, there is no need for water supply, and the concrete crumb extracted from the holes can be recycled back into the extruder when producing hollow plates. The modifier, in combination with the new Elematic E9 extruder, forms a smart recirculation system that can efficiently feed the removed concrete back into the production process.


The high quality of the slab is ensured by the gradual mixing of the used concrete with fresh one – for a strictly defined time. However, the concrete to be removed is not fed back to the process if it is longer than the time set by the plant. This integrated solution significantly increases the efficiency and sustainability of the production of multi-cavity plates.

In addition, with the E9 modifier, the consumption of concrete is reduced thanks to an improved digging mechanism that minimizes the concrete residues left on the molding stand.

New modifier uses wireless technology for transmission of the plans forming stands in its management system FloorMES, and can receive data directly from the BIM system, which greatly saves time of the customer, as it eliminates the need to manually label cutouts or holes for installation of lifting loops. Location information is transmitted from the laser positioning system. The laser uses a mirror at the end of the stand to measure the distance. Reducing the need for manual work increases production efficiency, eliminates errors and increases safety in the shop floor.

The hallmark of the equipment from Elematic became their built-in security modules, which are present in the modifier E9. The safety buffer also includes the light sensors needed to protect each individual zone between the buffers, as well as the ultrasonic sensors needed to quickly suspend action if the modifier gets too close to the extruder. If the obstacle is removed, the operation will be resumed. Director of products of the company Elematic Yani Aola noted that the new product meets all the requirements of modern production. The E9-1200m modifier includes those functions that the company's partners lacked. ""Very soon customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of usage trends and to improve enterprise performance," said Yani Aola.