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Vladimir Vasiliev: "History gave us a chance"

Vladimir Vasiliev, chairman of the Duma security committee is regarded one of the most consecutive Russian politicians. His work in providing military and economic security on a national scale has already brought ponderable results. Today the country is facing new challenges. Vladimir Vasiliev discussed global security and the ways of responding to the national challenges with Gennady Klimov, Chief Editor of "Balance intelligent manufacturing". Here are some quotes by Vladimir Vasiliev:
3 july 2007

- Vladimir Putin once said that one shouldn't be weak in this world. After changing the social structure and social relations unfortunately we found ourselves helpless and weak. We were forced to survive in extreme economic conditions and some would like to continue seeing us there. It is very convenient for those who want to take advantage of our natural resources.

- When the Soviet Union collapsed some interpreted it as a victory over mighty military-industrial block. For our country the collapse of the Soviet Union resulted in trying condition of our army and economy. Our armed forces appeared unfit for action; it was revealed during the anti-terrorism operation in Chechen Republic which took too long. Trouble however is a good teacher although ruthless. We have learned a lot during those times, and now when our army has started to look differently and pursues modern standards of efficiency for some reason it arises concerns in the United States. Today we hear that our army is strong as ever in latest history. I suppose the country that has at its disposal such prominent nuclear potential should have strong and modern army as well.