Industrial policy

Four in one

3 march 2019

Last February there was a press conference related to creation of new exhibition concept “STI-Expo” (Science-Technologies-Innovation-Expo) in TASS News Agency`s headquarter. The project is a base for international and Russian congresses and exhibitions. This year in the context of “STI-Expo” in Expocentre there will be four large forums: “The Russian Week of High Technologies”, “RENWEX. Renewable energy and electric vehicle”, “Technoforum”, “Artificial Intelligent, big data and domestic soft: national strategy of digital development”.

The vise-president of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Sergey Katyrin, the State Duma deputy and chairman of the organizational committee of “STI-Expo” Vladimir Kononov and general director of Expocentre, chairman of Exhibition and Congress Industry Committee of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Sergey Bednov told us about “STI-Expo” project-specifics, integration of exhibition power and business events which are connected with promotion of national projects.
- We hope that “STI-Expo” project will attract attention of young people to innovation. There is a council on information technologies and digitalization in Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation that is realizing national projects actively. We think that events of “STI-Expo” will be useful for domestic manufacturers, who want to enter international market, primarily – explained Sergey Katyrin.
Following the vice president of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kononov speak:
- The most important competitive advantages are knowledge, technologies and competences. This is the key to economical breakout and improvement of the overall quality of life of communities. That is what our vise-president was talking about. So in the context of national projects realization we are going to perform a global transformation of technique, education, economics, industrial and transportation infrastructures. There is a pressing need to create a field for progressive achievements` functioning and developing. Launching of ambitious project “STI-Expo” is one solution to this problem. This platform is going to put together business leaders, leading experts and legislature and media representatives, - the deputy added.

It is 60 years anniversary of Expocentre this year. Intelligent Manufacturing Journal should like to take this opportunity to congratulate all Expocentre`s employees and wishes them success in exhibitions and new bright projects. According to Sergey Bednov, “Science-Technologies-Innovation-Expo” platform will let to have a wide view on each exhibition and to attract attention to promising Russian projects:
- All “STI-Expo” exhibitions are supported by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, State Duma, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation, Ministry of Digital Development Communications and Mass Media of Russian Federation and other legislative and executive authorities. It was decided to join resourses – organizational, scientific and technical- for more effective products and domestic services promotion, also due to such events. All exhibitions, except “RENWEX”, were performed in Expocentre. Today it is very important to attract attention to domestic enterprises related to alternative energy, alternative power suppliers and electric vehicle that is developing actively all over the world. The purpose of any exhibition is not only to show particular products and goods, but also to make an effective communication between manufacturers of innovative equipment, customers and legislative and executive authorities.
The next big “STI-Expo” event is going to be “The Russian Week of High Technologies” which is taking place from 23 to 26 of April. RWHT involves exhibition, conferences, round tables, including forum “Sviaz – 2019” which has been performing in Expocentre since 1975. Sviaz is one of the brightest twice a year Russian exhibition. This year 300 companies from 15 countries of Europe, Asia and CIS are taking part in it. They are presenting equipment and technologies in such spheres like mobile and satellite communication, radio and fiber-optic communication, information security, data centers and development of solutions in the Internet of things for Smart City – Sergey Bednov added.
Intelligent Manufacturing Journal is taking part in the coverage of the “STI-Expo” project and “The Russian Week of High Technologies”. Read news about the RWHT on our site and in the next issue of journal.