Industrial policy

A hellish hybrid of digital and analog bureaucracy

Possession of digital technologies is one of the main factors of competitiveness today. For both states and citizens

Productivity improvement: National Priority Project should be done in high tech style

The difficult current situation in the state economy pushes both the government and the industrial establishment to understand the relevance of the task of increasing productivity and no alternative to its solution. According to the decision taken by the "Improving labour productivity" project committee all regions of Russia will be the participants of the national project in the near future.

Four in one

Exhibition concept “Science-Technologies-Innovation-Expo” could help to promote Russian companies leadership designs

The time to be unique, The burden to be unique

What is today's unique technically complex object of industrial capital construction? The interlocutor of Intelligent Manufacturing Journal — the technical Director of the project Institute "ADM Special Solutions and Technologies," Andrei Abramov

Vladimir Vasiliev: "History gave us a chance"

Vladimir Vasiliev, chairman of the Duma security committee

Who's fortune? Industrial lobbies in today's Russia

To move forward business needs protection.