Will owners and top-managers of machine-building companies rule the world?

They call this man a "Russian Bill Gates of machine-building". At a time Microsoft operating system, developed by Bill Gates revolutionized computers and by and large changed the world. Today "Intelligent Manufacturing" doctrine stated by Russian scientist and production expert Radislav Birbraer in his "Principles of engineering consulting" book is capable of causing similar revolution in machine-building industry around the world. When in the 90-s Russia research institutes were shutting down Birbraer established SOLVER company essentially designed as a research center for solving manufacturers' problems. Back then it seemed sheer madness.
3 july 2007

Company's scientific and engineering base was located in Voronezh, branch offices were opened in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Izhevsk and Omsk. The results company managed to achieve for these fourteen years are quite staggering.

Here is an excerpt of the interview with Mr. Birbraer
- One can write plenty of books on how to optimize tax payment, or improve budgeting. Nobody knew however how to approach this strategy to production sector, the actual machine operator or equipment designer. When we realized that we can devote ourselves to such activity there was really no competition in this market niche; we called our business "engineering consulting". It turned out we were pioneers in this field not only by national but by international standards. The key is in adjusting production process to various business strategies. These processes involve all levels of manufacturing- technology, economics and people management.