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User-friendly interface – the first step to a common technical language

Nowadays the efficiency of modern production equipment is based on industrial software, intelligent monitoring systems of machines and coordinate measuring machines. To accelerate the development and production of breakthrough products, world leaders are very successful in using end-to-end production technologies. Their main element is modern coordinate measuring machines (CMM) with the possibility of combining technical means on the basis of global metrological support. Domestic enterprises that carry out defense orders, and not only defense, today have the opportunity, using domestic equipment, to accelerate the production of important products, and by reducing costs. Six-axis coordinate measuring machines of Lapik LTD proved worldwide from the point of view of design features, a wide range of measurements of ultra-precise products, use of laser beams instead of traditional directing. It is also important that Lapik LTD coordinate measuring machines equipped with its own metrology software, which is integrated with PLM-systems of modern production, in turn, responsible for product life cycle management. This metrological software loads CAD-models of products and reads PMI-data on tolerances, base surfaces, material from them. Founder and chief designer of the company "Lapik" Alexander Laptev said in an interview to Intelligent Manufacturing Journal his opinion about the current attitude of Russian companies to the Metrology and spoke about the new interface produced by CMM.
5 february 2020

- Industrialists — practitioners associate the prospects of the Russian economy with the development of processing industries and the creation of added value within the country. For example, localization of Assembly plants of household appliances or cars of world brands. How do you assess the future of Russia as a production intermediary, included in the value chain of global industrial players?

Added value is a wonderful thing that should be used for the benefit of the country. In general, we must always strive for full-fledged production and the creation of a popular product not only for Russia but also for the whole world.

- Further to your statement that Russia should not just catch up, but overtake developed countries, relying on applied science: should we so zealously strive for import substitution of every screw?

If you cannot find good screws, do it yourself. The main thing is that the head of the enterprise would not forget the price of this screw for the country. If industrial equipment or components are imported to Russia under a mutually beneficial international agreement, then why break this mechanism? What, in fact, do major Russian equipment manufacturers do? They make their machines out of imported screws.

- Let's return to the problems of your metrological segment. Tell us about the difficulties your company has faced recently.

It is still very difficult for me personally to organize sales. Sometimes a product does not sell well because it is of poor quality or unclaimed, it happens when the promotion of the product to various markets is blocked by someone. Nevertheless, I do not lose heart and believe that after a while the situation will change for the better – there will be developments of the past, new technologies will appear. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in his time went in the darned boots. Today we are very similar to him.

Today in Russia mainly imported CMM are used, which are not sufficiently equipped with a software product for integration into Russian technologies."Lapik" LTD produces six-axis CMM, which is a technological breakthrough for Russia, as recognized in the United States, Germany, England and confirmed by the VNIIMS (All-Russian Research Institute of Metrological Service) (at the request of the Ministry of Industry and Trade). Own software is protected from external interference and is well compatible with Russian technologies. And those enterprises that use our CMM have already seen their advantages.

- Ways to improve the efficiency of production – the main theme of many industrial forums. In your opinion, can Metrology be considered as one of the fundamental factors affecting the competitiveness and efficiency of enterprises?

Speaking about Metrology as the main factor influencing the efficiency of production processes, it is necessary to understand that this tool is not necessary for the enterprise, it is vital. As long as people who have influence in the distribution of money do not realize this, positive dynamics in the development of large enterprises should not be expected. With full Metrology, you actually become a trendsetter in advanced technologies, in your hands the keys that open the door to new performance indicators. But what is new technology? First of all, these are tools and techniques that allow us to quickly, inexpensively and with high accuracy to create the necessary products for us. To machine worked without defects, measuring system must be on order higher processing.

- Alexander, tell us about the latest changes in CMM from "Lapik" LTD. As far as we know, the "iron" component has not changed, but the software characteristics of the machine, its interface and the ability to exchange digital data with other equipment were improved.

Today, the priority task is to create a single chain of production development, without software and computer technology it is impossible to do. The new version of the software with a more user-friendly interface has become much clearer for the operator. Work on any CMM (regardless of the manufacturer) requires a specialist qualification and a serious understanding of production tasks. The user interface has been significantly redesigned, the machine has become easier to learn, to create measurement programs. The software contains all typical operations, and the operator understands their sequence. We use a fairly popular technology PMI, allowing the designer during the creation of a three-dimensional model to put there information about the tolerances, the exact location of the parts in stock. Now our CMM read the measurement information almost independently without the participation of the operator, thereby dramatically reducing the threshold of qualification of the specialist. In the software of CMM from the company "Lapik" there are elements of CALS technologies-comprehensive information support of production processes, if not at all stages of the product lifecycle, then at least at the initial. Through our software you can make to archive the details of a particular item to prepare in advance a measurement program, photo, vide-guides for operator, text information, etc. All these improvements CMM serve the realization of one big goal – the creation of a new technical language of engineering. Computer metrological complex CMM, CMM-important links in the formation of this doctrine. There should be at least one measuring machine for every 10-15 machine tools. Only then will the measurement task be fully completed.