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Those win a competitive struggle, who will win in calculations

Engineering consulting company Solver, Autodesk and Moscow School of Management Skolkovo are joining digital experts into profiled club.
3 march 2019

Digital transformation of manufacturing and economic in whole is currently on heavy rotation. It is usually mentioned in the context of The Fourth Industrial Revolution`s achievements which is identified with Germany Industry 4.0. The objectives of the doctrine, by the way, are at a landing level. The boost of German companies` competitiveness at the global market with the help of innovative technologies is the purpose of Germany program so wide promoted in our country. However, we cannot just repeat Industry 4.0 on Russian ground, each country needs its own manufacturing modernization strategy. New national program “Digital Economic of the Russian Federation” and National Technological Initiative are pretending to take leading role on “special” digital way for Russia. However, our industrial enterprises aimed at digitalization need for narrowly focused tools of support and help at the same time. In this case we believe that Leaders of Digital Manufacturing club is able to difference emphasis at digitalization processes of domestic industry and to let digital dialectics though itself. Who else, except profiled business is able to pinpoint where effectiveness ends and digitalization starts. And the main one – unite leading companies, experts which can create promising IT with real manufacturing and produce competitive products.

Speaking on first club meeting, Solver founder and general director Radislav Birbraer pointed out the significant role of network technology, technology of data collecting and processing as economic and industrial development drivers.

- Enterprises can take decisions quicker and gain a competitive edge due to digital technologies. In order to make metamorphosis at the enterprise, it should begin with production capacity, innovative systems, of course with inside production “culture” and retraining of employees. It is a very big job.
Solver supports a very fastidious project realization approach and establishes equipment and technologies at the same time and calculates economic effect. Our company involves dozens of experts into project realization, uses global experience on Russian enterprises.

How can we form staff potential for high-tech business creation? Moscow School of Management Skolkovo successfully works in this direction. It has appeared 12 years ago, and it has already graduated talented managers and high-tech business founders for Russian and global economic. Pavel Bilenko the head of educational programs of Industry 4.0 department of corporate training in Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, general director of engineering center TEKNER encouraged all club members to be more active in self-education and business communications. Pavel told about resent visit of Russian entrepreneurs to Aachen – the motherland of Industry 4.0 and about educational programs on digital development of companies for German plant`s leaders.

- Intel had been producing memory chips for a long time. In 1980s they were on the verge of bankruptcy. The reason is that companies` key managers decided to share their successful experience with foreigners. Japanese delegates were visiting The Silicon Valley, they were making notes about everything they saw, they absorbed the technology, so they easily could repeat it at their enterprises, and even produce more competitive product. As a result Intel dismissed 1000 employees, including key managers and developed the production of microprocessors. Entrepreneurs learning in Skolkovo travel a lot, they deal with leading experts from USA, Germany and South-East Asian countries. Japanese, by the way, do not let anybody to see their constructive offices and production lines, like if they are afraid that their technology can be copy. This story is very demonstrative. There are many advanced manufacturing centers in the world, me and my colleges have already emulated some experience on digital transformation of industry. We, just as Japanese once done, describe processes carefully and detailed than return to Russia and try to establish innovative industry in our country. We should pay attention to company group Solver, which practice this approach for a long time.

Hundreds of companies united in Industry 4.0 development to the whole eco-system project situated in the center of Europe, Aachen. German specialists created a wonderful infrastructure: demonstrational plant of future, digital transformation center, digital technologies adaptation for modern enterprises. What are the factors by which they are able to achieve these results? First of all communications, true eco-systematic, when universities, engineering companies, large manufacturers gather and form cooperate engineering consulting and educational projects. They do it not for the report, but to create new products, services and increasing of KPI of national companies.

Autodesk Company is a global leading in computer-aided design (CAD) of digital manufacturing and building, it become a founder of digital leadership movement in Russia. Head of business development department of Autodesk Sergey Markin believes that new industrial society will teach how to use innovations and boost modernization of Russian enterprises.

- “Leaders of Digital Manufacturing” club – is not a trial run, it is fifth such Autodesk`s project. For example, “Leaders of BIM” club exists for four years already! This society united progressive developers and changed the attitude of Russian construction market to technology of innovative modeling of industrial and civil objects
Representative of BPS International Kirill Vojtuk told us about changes on construction market of Russia – beginning of movement from 2D designing in AutoCAD to BIM-modeling.

- For BPSInternational BIM this is not just constructing of different buildings` models, but further forming of models` life cycle. A membership in “Leaders of BIM” club started with constructing of informational model of Moscow Subway station. Our club consists of project institutes, constructing companies and service organizations. At first we tried to exchange information, knowledge and our views on BIM. In 2016 technology of information modeling was noticed on the state level, first working groups were formed with the Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector support. Gradually, Russian constructing market, minded information which was discussed in club, started designing particular products, methodologies, regulations and standards largely borrowed from foreign companies. Public data libraries had appeared.

The role of Russian BIM club, for the last four years, has become more significant both in business sphere and on state level. Club members are also the Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector support members, take part in designing of standards (GOST), regulations and notification of digitalization of constructing industry.

There different solutions for private business or state corporations, and they do not always depend from soft. Kirill Vojtuk encouraged gathered to improve knowledge in new digital technologies. For example, laser scanning, quadcopters and photogrammetry are widely used by constructing segment. Specialists and vendors gathered around Autodesk Company use digital modeling in their business processes, however, domestic constructive community suffer the lack of BIM-specialists, so designing and popularization of digital modeling is a key task of “Leaders of BIM” club:

- Specialists should be taught to correct approach – underlined Kirill Vojtuk. – Application knowledge, instead of translated to Russian theory; consulting instead ordinary sales – that are key factors of BIM development in Russia. Gradually the industry is taught to pay for consulting as it sees a real economical effect. I used to spend plenty of time describing advantages of digital modeling, but now I usually show some particular examples of BIM and other digital technologies using. Duration of construction works reduces by establishment informational modeling in analysis process and designing of project optimization. Constructing is a printer of designing. The more actively we use digital models in our practice, the less risk we have. To coordinate all process, carry on a comprehensive topological optimization on 3D model in front of your personal computer is much easier than correct errors on construction site, where one down-day may cost several hundred thousand or even millions rubles. There is an example, the project of 6-band overpass was designed for several months, while the reconstruction itself took 15 days.

Constructing product management appeared in 1960-70s. Project of implementation of construction operations, plan of organization of construction and collecting of information – are still actual tools. BIM allows to do it more visual, convert drawings, calculations, descriptions into detailed digital models, there are specialists who make decisions about constructing, look at digital models instead of drawings, because they understand it easily.
Establishment of IT in constructing sector is happening very slowly, we can wonder why companies retailing consultancy and soft sales do not move into banks and telecommunication companies, but still do constructing. Kirill Vojtuk thinks that difficulties with IT establishment in constructing give opportunities and competitive advantage to those who was not afraid and did not leave the market.

In turn, Sergey Benklayn, who presents the company Concurator, offered to manufacturers to create single digital standard of productions` transformation. The main advantage is that digital plants of future and constructing BIM have the same principals. Moreover, the “Leaders of BIM” club can share experience in creating own standards.

Speech of vice-rector of SPbSTU, co-director of “Technet” working group (NTI), head of Center of Competences NTI SPbSTU “New manufacturing technologies”, founder of company group CompMechLab Aleksey Borovkov was very similar to Kirill Bojtukov`s speech about digital transformation in constructing industry. Aleksey Borovkov and his engineering center CompMechLab took part in creation of “Kortezh” project using digital twin. From 2011 CompMechLab has become a part of Industry 4.0 and developed car body CML 70 for BMW concern with the help of intellectual system and supported digital certification for 6 BMW vehicles per year.

- Those win a competitive struggle, who will win in calculations. Manufacturing leadership based on system engineering, the full lifecycle modeling of product (system PLM) and further management of engineering data of products PDM/SPDM-systems – Aleksey Borovkov softly leaded to digital twin and plants of future. It should be noted that many people still confused with terms digital twin and digital shadow. In simple terms, digital shadow is a first step before digital twin: it is a virtual real-time image of reality, it can construct 3D models with given features, but at the same time it is not able to analyze and predict what can happen with your product under certain conditions of use. Digital twins integrate internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning and software analytics with spatial network graphs. Its system includes physics, chemistry, mathematics, state Standards, international regulations, and virtual test site. As a result, to create an ideal car, we get about 2*1012 parameters of the input data.

- 10 times cheaper, 10 times faster, 10 times less people - Aleksey Borovkov explained the essence of digital twin.
CompMechLab uses calculating resourses of supercomputer center “Politehnicheskij” in order to generate vehicle mileage of several hundred thousand kilometers in several hours by CML system. Digital twin – it is both modeling, virtual polygon and running and maintenance cost of product. CompMechLab`s engineers excepted their system in designing of vibration motors, cleaning system of drilling system gas and petroleum industry. By and large, this technology can be used in a fairly wide range, but people – industry experts will have to download the target indicators of the input data. In order for the digital double to work in the Russian industry, it is necessary, as in the construction segment, to create huge arrays of digital libraries, digitize drawings, and also need the experience of scientists, testers, so that later the system can predict the most incredible scenarios of behavior of a physical object.

From the very first day of its existence, the engineering center CompMechLab sought to enter the world market. According to the founder of CompMechLab, the game ahead of the curve helped to become market leaders:

- To win the competition and become leaders, first of all, you should have a good computing potential. In addition, you should strive to occupy the technological frontier of the premium class and sell to competitors "last year's snow" – obsolete developments, while not revealing more advanced models of products, as if putting them in stock, to have time for training and further improvement of the competencies of our own engineers.
The first meeting of the club "Leaders of digital production" turned out to be very fruitful. Rosatom and Transmashholding shared their experience in implementing digital technologies. Experts discussed not only plans, but also specific cases, allowing to approach the transition to a new stage of industrial evolution. This, for example, cloud service Orderfox seeking to become the counterpart of Uber, but only for CNC machine tools, and Dmitry Vasiliev, "Karfidov lab" told about the projects of the company and what the prospects are now open in front of industrial designers. Computer vision and machine learning have now successfully established themselves in retail, banking, HR. According to Pavel Podkorytov from Napoleon IT, computer vision and machine learning are not yet so popular in the real sector of the economy, but these technologies can significantly optimize technological processes, predict equipment failure.
Intelligent Manufacturing will continue to cover the activities of the club "Leaders of digital manufacturing" club and its members, follow our publications.