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"Intelligent Manufacturing" equals Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

Radislav Birbraer claims the highest affordability can be reached at the stage of product development and modeling of business of production. Modern ERP systems embody synchronized planning components that create practically endless opportunities for optimizing production process and reducing its costs at the stage of project development. This allows to handle intelligent and effective reequipment of production in force.
3 july 2007

Means for strategic business administration

One of the obstacles on the way of national industry's revival is that generation of managers formed over the last 10 years know very little of modern methods of business management and not always aware of new administrative technologies. Their primary area of expertise is business- planning and sometimes financial planning. In many occasions this knowledge is not enough for effective management of industrial enterprise.

There is a vast range of administration systems. Just-In-Time, (JIT) method gained popularity in the world after successful application of this program by Japanese companies. Theory of Constraints, TOC is also common among business experts. Other popular programs are Total Quality Management (TQM) and Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS)

Evgeny Petrov. Formulating business objectives

The major principle of Theory of Constraints (TOC) may be summarized as following: every business structure is created to fulfill some major purpose. Various elements interact in the process of operating of each system; the result influences each segment and the system as a whole.