Digital mirror

Who is responsible for the robot`s solution?

Digitalization is changing the way we think about ethics.

AI calculates the best option

Improving the efficiency or the search for the guilty?

User-friendly interface – the first step to a common technical language

Nowadays the efficiency of modern production equipment is based on industrial software

Cultivate changes to guarantee the future

Digital transformation as technical and creative process

The symbiosis of machine and human intelligence

Practical experience of digital manufacturing establishment on DIC enterprise

What will be warded off by digital mirror?

The best way to be in trend is to create it.  Engineering consulting company Solver has gained 25 years experience in this sphere. 

Those win a competitive struggle, who will win in calculations

Engineering consulting company Solver, Autodesk and Moscow School of Management Skolkovo are joining digital experts into profiled club.

The resource as a commodity

"Production solutions" company represents the concept of the digital service platform-aggregator for companies in the metalworking.

"Intelligent Manufacturing" equals Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

Radislav Birbraer claims the highest affordability can be reached at the stage of product development and modeling of business of production.